COLIMBO Decorated Old Midshipman’s Bib Overall

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Decorated Old Midshipman’s bib overalls have arrived from COLIMBO.



Price: 29160 yen

Color: Navy

Model: Height 178 cm Weight 75 kg Trying size L on

The best thing about these overalls is their shape.

They are tight around the body and tapered on the legs,

that brings sharp silhouette, not like typical overall roomy style.

Yes, it’s COLIMBO original style.

They look different from typical ones,

but when you try them on, they look very good!

The decorated ones would be good to wear in spring time.

Stencil in a different color

The decoration is both in front and back, but it’s not too much!

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Until next time…

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