The REAL McCOY’s U.S.Navy Submarine Jacket

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

U.S.Navy submarine jackets have arrived from The REAL McCOY’S.


Stock No. MJ18114

Price: 66000 yen

As you can see it in its name, it used to be worn by submarine crews.

It’s quite rare to find Italian collars among fatigue jackets.

It’s black but it looks like charcoal somehow.

It’s made of wool herringbone fabric.

After wearing it for 5 to 10 years, you will be able to see the herringbone pattern.

It means it will be your long time friend!

It’s very simple.

That’s why you wouldn’t get sick of the design.

Enjoy your coordinate by adding spice to it with scarves or what you wear underneath.

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Until next time…


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