OOE YOFUKUTEN The “Liberty” Bandanna

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

New bandannas named THE “LIBERTY” will be on sale from OOE YOFUKUTEN.


Price: 5000 yen + tax

Color: Turkey red / Indigo blue / Maroon

It’s a very classic design for bandannas,

which was used as many campaign bandannas from 1890s to 1900s.

This typical design is formed with many dots, diamonds and stripes.

Handkerchiefs and bandannas were used to show which party (politician) you supported.

They were used to be sold by mail orders,

which was the beginning of cultural social phenomenon of bandannas as membership.

This specific design was available in transit period when the design was changed from gorgeous one to simple one.

Maroon color was sometimes available in addition to red and blue.

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