VASCO Leather Postman Shoulder Bag

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here

Leather Postman shoulder bags have arrived from VASCO.


Price: 48600 yen

Color: Brown

The design is based on U.S. Postman bags.

You can find a small handle on the back.

It’s finished with full vegetable tanning.

The gradation of the color is so attractive.

Color: Black

You can put size A4 documents in.

“U.S.MAIL” punch mark

We also have mini shoulder bags without punch marks in our stock.


Leather Postman mini shoulder bag

Price: 34560 yen

Color: Black

It’s a good size to put your wallet, smartphone and so on.

The leather itself was brown and dyed in black.

As you keep using it, you can see brown color especially at the edge.

Please introduce high quality leather items in your daily life.

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Until next time…


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