ORGUEIL Workers Gilet & Sack Coat

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Let me introduce a workers gilet & a sack coat from ORGUEIL.


Workers gilet

Price: 22000 yen + tax

Trying size 40 on

( to keep it tight underneath a jacket. Appropriate size is 42. )

It looks okay when we see it in the front, but from the back…

Not okay… lol

So, let me put a sack coat on.


Price: 33000 yen + tax

How is it?

I personally like wearing a casquettte with this type of coordinate.

We are expecting pants (price: 23000 yen + tax) as well,

which means you can make 3-piece suit (Total: 78000 yen + tax).

Check our website for online shopping

Until next time…


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