Nigel Cabourn 3-Pac T-shirts

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

3-Pac T-shirts have arrived from Nigel Cabourn.


Price: 15120 yen

Color: Gray

3 T-shirts are packed and each of them is made of different fabric and sewing,

and has different silhouette.


One of them is made of ring spun that is the oldest method since 1830.

You might think it’s one of the standard style,

but look at the sleeve!

Open end spinning was created in 1950s.

It feels dry when you touch it, which is ideal for summer.

Shallow V-neck

Unique chest pocket

Freedom sleeves

Japanese newest technology – VORTEX spun yarn

It’s soft and feels smooth.

Look at the seam around the neck!

Color: Black

Color: Navy

Color: White

As you can see, 4 colors are available, but you can’t mix the colors.

The best way to know the charm of the manufacturer is to try their standard products.


Because they are filled with the charm!

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Until next time…


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