COLIMBO Southernmost Bush Jacket

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Southernmost bush jackets “Rolling Thunder Operation” have arrived from COLIMBO.


Price: 24000 yen + tax

Model: Height 181 cm Weight 82 kg Trying size XL on

The design is based on the jungle fatigue adopted by USFJ in 1960s.

It has 4 cargo pockets with flaps.

Its form reminds me of airborne jackets,

but compare to airborne jackets that were designed to fit tightly against wind pressure,


this jacket is quite roomy as it was designed to be worn under warm and humid weather.

Its decoration is the replicate of USMC All-weather fighter attack squadron 242 crew decoration.

You can find bats, which are their symbol to describe that they can fly even in the dark, on the chest.

A-6 Intruder designed on the back was the main equipment during the Vietnam war.

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