COLIMBO Key Pouch & Organizer Roll Pen Case

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Key pouches and organizer roll pen cases have arrived from COLIMBO.


Stock No. ZU-0702

Key pouch

Price: 4968 yen

Color: Natural

Color: Brown

Color: Black

It’s a simple design and “COLIMBO” punch mark stands out.

The natural and black ones are made of Spanish cow leather.

The brown ones are made of Italian cow leather.

Metal parts are made in Switzerland.

Its simplicity brings sophisticated atmosphere.

You can enjoy their aging as well.


Stock No. ZU-0701

Organizer roll pen case

Color: Natural

Price: 8856 yen

Color: Brown

Color: Black

It’s a roll type pen case and can be used by both ladies and gentlemen.

It would be a good present.

Wooden beads on the waxed leather rope

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