Nigel Cabourn Naval Dungaree – Sun bleach red –

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Naval dungarees have arrived from Nigel Cabourn.


Price: 38880 yen

Color: Sun bleach red

Model: Height 178 cm Weight 75 kg Trying size 48 on

Naval dungarees are representative items of “LYBRO” which is British work ware brand produced by Mr. Nigel Cabourn.

Look at this color!

It stands out so much wherever you go,

everybody will recognize you whoever you meet.

Size chart:

42 (approx. 26 inches = XXS ) ladies

44 (approx. 28 inches = XS)

46 (approx. 30 inches = S)

48 (approx. 32 inches = M)

50 (approx. 34 inches = L)

52 (approx. 36 inches = XL)

A leather belt between shoulder straps distribute the weight of dungaree.

Give it a go!

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Until next time…

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