JELADO Cable Knit Wear

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Cable knit wear has arrived from JELADO.



Stock No. JP33824

Turtle neck cable knit wear

Color: Tea green

Price: 27000 yen

It’s made of 100% fine merino wool.

What’s more, this color called “Tea green” is so beautiful.

It would give spice to your dark colored outerwear in winter time.

It feels so soft and comfortable and not itchy.



Stock No. JP33825

Crew neck cable knit wear

Color: Peanut

Price: 27000 yen

It looks totally different due to the shape of neck.

The color called “Peanut” goes well with any style.

It’s quite roomy and comfortable to wear.

You can make both smart and casual styles with these knit wear.

Grab them now!

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Until next time…

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