Buzz Rickson’s Wind Resistant Sateen Jacket

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Let me introduce an Wind resistant sateen jacket from Buzz Rickson’s.


Stock No. BR14404

Price: 42900 yen (

Model: Height 181 cm Weight 85 kg Trying size L on

It’s quite roomy, so it would be good to choose one size smaller than your regular size.


Woven label


Draw code inside


Big collar

It has a hood inside the collar, but it wouldn’t look good anyway.

Raglan sleeves make you feel comfortable when you put it on.

This type of field jackets were worn until M-65 was appeared.

It has only buttons in front (so does M-65).

All 4 pockets have flaps and snaps.

You can find a pen pocket on the left side chest.

If you think M-65 is too popular,

this one would be good for you!

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Until next time…


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