To enjoy alcohol in a luxury way…

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Let me introduce items to enjoy alcohol in a luxury way.



Tiki Decanter

Price: 16200 yen

It was produced by the collaboration between CUSHMAN and BOOTS CERAMICS last year.

It’s just 30 cm high!

You can use it as a figurine.

…and what about this item to go with the decanter?



Tiki Cap

Price: 4860 yen

It’s a reproduced Tiki cap that was popular in 1950s.

It was made through 4 processes, which were “Drain casting”, “Biscuit firing”, “Glazing” and “Firing”.

What’s more, all processed were manually done by craftworkers.


Bottom – engraved mark

Enjoy alcohol in a luxury way!

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Until next time…


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