DALEE’S Tailor-made T-shirt

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

T-shirts named “Tailor-made T-shirt” have arrived from DALEE’S.

Its concept is

“If there had been T-shirts in 1900s…”.


Price: 8400 yen + tax

Size: 39=M / 41=L / 43=XL

Model: Height 178 cm Weight 72 kg Trying size 43 on

Color: Black

Color: Ivory

It’s made of DLT body and has a fly like a polo shirt, a collar like a classic shirt

and a round pocket on it.

Because of its tight fitting and the fabric, it feels smaller than the actual size.

If you wonder choosing between M and L,

it’s better to choose size M for this one.

Check our website for online shopping

Until next time…


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