The REAL McCOY’S Horsehide Pouch & Wallet

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Let me introduce a horsehide pouch & an wallet from The REAL McCOY’S.


Stock No. MW19004

Horsehide pouch

Price: 16200 yen

Color: Black

It’s a rather small porch.

You can use it as an organizer in your bag.

It’s made of horsehide leather that is used to make leather jackets,

which means you can enjoy its aging.


Stock No. MW17100

Horsehide wallet

Price: 21600 yen

Color: Black

It’s also made of horsehide leather.

This kind of small wallet would be ideal during summer season when you wear light garments.

Coins can stay inside the compartment thanks to the zip.

It’s user-friendly even though the size is pretty small.

Why don’t you change little items depending on TPO?

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Until next time…


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