SKOOB Old Kangaroo’s Low

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Old kangaroo’s low shoes have arrived from SKOOB.

Yes, they are made of kangaroo leather!!

I used to be a big fan of  “Maradona king” and “Maradona pro”,

so the word “Kangaroo leather” makes me excited!

I’m still a fan of kangaroo leather,

but when I look up “kangaroo leather shoes”,

the result makes me very disappointed….

like this…

Then, here comes SKOOB ones (sorry for my lengthy preamble)

Let me wear them… wow, how light!

Leather soles are very flexible.

They are more flexible than “REGINA” from Makers.

BILTLITE rubber heels are also very flexible.

If you have given up wearing boots because you get pain in your knees and waist,

or you feel more tired when you wear boots,

I would you like to try these shoes!

For me, they are in my shopping list No.1!

Price: 42000 yen + tax

Check our website for online shopping

Until next time…


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