Y’2 LEATHER BS Bespoke Horse Single Riders – Sample

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Let me show you a sample of BS bespoke horse single riders from Y’2 LEATHER.


Model: Height 178 cm Weight 74 kg

It’s made of hand dyeing horse leather.

When I saw the leather in the exhibition, I thought it would be good for single riders.

As it is not productized, we made our order them as our bespoke products.

The back part is made with one piece so that it looks sharp.

It exude dignity and wildness which is special to leather jackets.

You can enjoy its aging at the same time.

Pleats on the back make it easy to move arms.

The adjusters adds accent on your back style.

Universal zip

Lining: Wool etamine

Lining of sleeves: Nylon

We highly recommend this with confidence!

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Until next time…


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