Dapper’s Water-Repellent Leather Waist Bag

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Water-repellent leather waist bags have arrived from Dapper’s.


Stock No. LOT1302

Price: 26784 yen

Color: Beige swede

How to make water-repellent leather…

Let leather soak in special chemical solution and dry it,

then repeat this process and apply chemical solution again on the surface.

It brings semi-permanent water-repellent finish.

Only few of tanners who have this skill are available in Japan.


Color: Black

Logo on a leather patch

The zip is sewn in back side.

It opens widely that makes easy to put/take out things.

It has small compartments inside to keep things organized.

Let’s see if it is truly water-repellent!

I poured water slowly…

it became a drop on the leather!

It doesn’t penetrate into leather at all!

It would be ideal to use it when you get on a bike,

and it would be okay even if it starts raining all of a sudden.

When it gets water, it would be good if you slap it lightly to let the water drops go.

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