UES Extra Heavy Flannel Shirt

Hello everyone! Barn Stormer here.

Let me introduce an extra heavy flannel shirt from UES.


Stock No. 501853

Price: 21384 yen

Color: Red

Extra heavy flannel fabric is made by dobby loom.

It has a different taste from normal twill fabric.

It’s also known as “amundsen fabric” as it has rough surface.

It’s raised inside to keep you warm and feel comfortable.

It requires high sewing skill to sew thick fabric.

This shirt is sewn with a lapping seam with triple stitches to make it wear well.

Stock No. 501655

Price: 21384 yen

Color: Indigo

It’s made of yarn dyed Indigo fabric.

Both of loop and weft are dyed with lope dyeing, which gives you the joy of aging.

Keep wearing it until it becomes pale sax blue color and enjoy the process itself.

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