Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

CPO shirts called “SAND PEBBLES” have arrived from MISTER FREEDOM.


10 oz GB Denim CPO shirt

Price: 32800 yen + tax

Model: Height 181 cm Weight 83 kg Trying size XL on (on top of a heavy thermal wear)

Inside of cuffs

Inner pocket

Liberty stitches (Rainbow stitches)

It’s made of reproduced 10 oz Great Britain denim that was used among British Army in 1950s.

You can enjoy the aging of warp which is dyed with sulfide rope dying.

It was banned to decorate uniforms apart from rank markings,

so sailors used to enjoy having decorations such as liberty cuffs or liberty stitches inside of uniforms.

It’s quite roomy as it is meant to be a shirt jacket.

If you prefer to wear it as a shirt, it might be better to choose one size smaller than you usual size.

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